Spotmix Fish

It all starts with economical feeding! With Spotmix Fish we increase the economical success of your aquaculture, fish farming and fish feeding.

Spotmix fish - the perfect and exact alternative to time-consuming and labour-intensive vending machines or hand feeding.
The central feeding system distributes the exact portions of feed to the individual feeding stations  - into the furthest recesses of the plant.


  • Food-friendly from the warehouse to the water
  • Precise distribution
  • Saving time and improving the quality of work
  • Low feed losses and water pollution
  • Shorter production times
  • Improved feed efficiency
  • Optional upper or underground cable routing
  • The optimal feed ejection for each type of basin
  • Even vending machines can be filled


Topo feeding computer as office or wet room version.


  • Process visualization and intuitive operation
  • Individual order and feed curve per feeding place
  • Adjustable delivery rates dispensing speeds and feeding intervals
  • Descriptive name possible per feeding place
  • Water temperature-dependent feed quantities
  • LAN interface and remote access
  • Connection to oxygen system
  • Data interface to management software


Are you planning a feeding plant for your fish farm? We are happy to help!


Fischzucht Kirchmayer Teichanlagen mit Spotmix-Fish

Referenzprojekt Greenfish AG: Automatische, innovative und wirtschaftliche Shrimps-Fütterung mit Spotmix Fish!

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Spotmix Fish