Glaß family farm in Donau-Rieß (Germany)

Strohmatic bedding system for species-appropriate animal husbandry!

A future ready barn for high animal welfare, built with the Strohmatic bedding system!

Although the fattening bulls are currently marketed conventionally, the barn was designed as an animal welfare barn with a little more than 5 m2 per animal and a bedding of tread muck, in order to be able to also supply animal welfare programmes in the future. The barn is 86 m long and divided into 12 boxes. The roof of the hall was extended by 6 m to accommodate the technical equipment. The lying area has a depth of 5.3 m and was designed with a slight slope of 2% to the walkway. More is not necessary when using short chopped straw. The walkway was constructed with grooved flooring slabs. These are profiled, have a good grip and are particularly gentle on the claws, as the urine flows into the grooves. Due to the length of the pen, the comb scraper pushes off the walkways once an hour.

The bull pen was mainly planned by Schauer Agrotronic and equipped with barn equipment and technology.


Bedding is provided automatically by the Strohmatic bedding system. The Glass family decided on a pre-storage belt, which can currently store 6 square bales of 500 kg each. A maximum of 12 square bales can be stored if required. Every day 2 bales are consumed. The Strohmatic system is switched on for a 50 minute period, 2 to 3 times a day. The system loosens, chops and de-dusts the straw and conveys it in a long conveyor circuit with an additional straw distributor to the bedding area. It takes about half an hour for one person to fill the pre-storage belt every second day. All in all, the entire bull pen, including proper animal control and feed delivery with feed mixer wagons, is managed with only 3 man-hours per day.

The short-chopped straw is particularly absorbent, which saves enormously on straw consumption. At the same time, the result is a dry mattress that is very comfortable for the animals. The manure is free-flowing and is easily trodden down to the walkway. The manure with well-digested straw is also a performance turbo in the biogas plant. "It's an all-round success that's fun," says Christoph Glaß happily.

Strohmatic bedding system for species-appropriate animal husbandry:

  • Breaks up & chops straw into adjustable quantities according to need.
  • Automatic straw distribution throughout the stable
  • Saves more than 50% on straw and working time
  • Dust-free straw for improved animal health
  • Revolutionises bedding & ensures species-appropriate animal husbandry