Sow feeding - MamaDOS

MamaDos – the new high-performance dryfeed system for „Mamas“ in farrowing, which is centrally controlled by the Topo feeding computer

A high number of piglets borne and targeting healthy piglets are challenging the milk-production of the sows. With an established feeding strategy, the sows and piglets can’t be fed sufficiently. Sows are loosing to much body weight.

MamaDos sow feeding increases feed intake and boosts productivity! 
MamaDos is a central dryfeed system, which is controlled by the Topo feeding computer. The system allows each animal to adjust the quantity of feed per sow and day and the multiple dosing intervals. The process can also run sensor-controlled by the feed intake of the sow. Therefore the feed-intake can be improved. MamaDos can be installed in existing stalls (to improve your existing dryfeed system) and new buildings. It is even a significant benefit for customers since they are already using a Schauer Topo feeding computer to run their Spotmix, Compident, or Liquid feeding system after a simple software update. MamaDos pro - an updated version- includes a control panel for each sow. The SchauerConnect smart App for mobile and tablet devices is perfect for managing the system.